Mining and Metallurg

The Mining and Metallurgy Division consists of mining, concentrating and roasting units, with total 3600 staff working. Its production scale ranks first in Asia.


Jinduicheng open-pit mine is one of the 6 biggest primary open-pit molybdenum mines in world. The property has proven molybdenum reserves of 1 billion tons, approx. 1million tons of fine molybdenum.

Ores are extracted by conventional open-pit methods, drilling, blasting, loading and hauling. The annual stripping volume is around 20 million tons and 13.2 million tons of ores.


The ores from the mine are transported to concentrator and extracted through a series of crushing, grinding and flotating. The annual throughput is around 37 thousand tons of molybdenum concentrates and 600 thousand tons of sulfur concentrates. The uses of non-cyanide reagents during concentrating process have protected the environment effectively.


The molybdenum concentrates produced at the concentrator is further processed in Roasters located in Lianhuasi, Hua County. With the expansion and technology upgrades these years, we have achieved the capacity of roasted molybdenum concentrates 39 thousand tons, Ferro molybdenum 10 thousand tons, Briquette 5 thousand tons and high-soluble molybdenum oxide 14 thousand tons.

To effectively control the emission of SO2, we invested large amount of funds to set up an acid plant on site. This has effectively reduced the emission of SO2 by 6700 tons and achieved win-win benefits on both economy and society.